Air Treatment

Trion are the world leaders in commercial and industrial electrostatic air filtration equipment since 1947. Specializing in Electrostatic Precipitation equipment (ecology units) Trion has the distinction of being the first company to be UL YYXS listed for kitchen exhaust treatment. The Trion T Series is a modular system designed for the harsh kitchen exhaust environment with an automatic wash option and can handle air volumes from 500 to 50,000 cfm.

With more than 2,000 systems installed in the UAE alone Trion are the undoubted leaders in smoke and kitchen exhaust filtration.


AZCO Industries specializes in the development and manufacture of Ozone Generators. AZCO ozone generators are suitable for numerous applications in the treatment of air by neutralizing obnoxious and odorous VOC’s. These systems utilize the most natural, effective, economical, and environment friendly method of air purification. A good example of their use is in the elimination of cooking odours from commercial kitchen exhaust ducts.



The Envirco Mac 10 is the world leading HEPA/ULPA fan filter. The ultra quiet Mac 10 range was expanded recently to include the Mac10 IQ the world’s first ‘Smart Fan’ filter unit with efficiency and energy consumption monitored by computer. Within the microelectronics market sector, a single submicron sized particle can render thousands of microprocessors, transistors or other highly sensitive technologies useless. Cleanroom technologies are a critical component to maximizing production yields. When you specify Envirco’s Control System for the MAC 10 Fan Filter Unit, you can reduce energy usage and cost by setting the run rate to reduced levels for nights, weekends, or outside of production times.