Chairman’s Message

chairman-satDubai, the city of adventures, has enhanced the UAE image amongst Arabs countries and many of the incredible projects completed have become icons that are recognized throughout the world.

The list of projects keeps on increasing and I always wonder how it is possible to launch such a vast number of massive projects simultaneously. Time has enlightened those who observe Dubai and they now accept that the city has no limits in terms of vision. It is generally accepted that Dubai has now ascended to world class status.

This entrepreneurial spirit has encouraged us to take a positive and brave step forward with building another phenolic board production line in our pre-insulated panel factory. Phenolic panels were previously only available from the UK and our aim is to supply locally produced panels and export them all over the world.

We are so expanding our equipment range and we are delighted to announce our new association with Broad. Broad technology is legend and their innovative approach to Air Conditioning products has swiftly elevated them to a market leader in the design of ecologically friendly products.

Equally, we are proud to announce that Broad, the recognized world leader in Absorption Chillers manufacture, have appointed SAT as their distributor for the UAE. This technology is rapidly gaining momentum in a market where energy costs are continually rising as a ‘green’ alternative to electric chillers.

Accordingly, our aim is to continue to offer innovative high quality products that are energy efficient thus making a contribution to the low carbon campaign that is gathering pace in the UAE.

Safa H.Khalili
President, SAT Group of Companies